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I started this blog to document an extended trip to the US and UK in 2012, introducing children to my Alice-Miranda series. It's hard to believe that it's just on four years since we launched the first Alice-Miranda title - and now there are nine books out in Australia with another five still to come. When I first came up with the idea of this precocious seven and a quarter year old, I had no clue that she would take me on such an amazing journey, not only in Australia but also across the world. I visited 37 schools while we were away in 2012 and gave over 80 talks - it was fantastic. In 2013 I've been on lots of new adventures in the UK - visiting schools from London to Southampton, Lancashire, Scotland, Newcastle and back to London again. After that I headed off to meet readers in Singapore. In Australia I've been to Melbourne, Perth, Albany, Alice Springs and Brisbane. There's a new series too - about a gorgeous little girl called Clementine Rose. She and Alice-Miranda don't know each other yet, but they will soon.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Westfield School Newcastle Upon Tyne

I had a great visit to a beautiful small day school called Westfield in the suburb of Gosforth. Our taxi driver found this one a little more difficult to locate but once there, it was the quintessential girls' school, housed in a stunning old buildng, resplendent with a grand staircase and mosaic tiles on the floor.  The girls were super, participating in the drama with great gusto and asking terrific questions.  The snow really started coming down and by the time we went to leave, the whole place was a picture postcard of white.  We were a little concerned about getting to the train on time but our taxi driver reassured us that this was a good time to be travelling and in about an hour, if the forecast rain arrived, the roads would be icy and dangerous.

Working with Kirstie and Kristine from Waterstone's was great.  I hope to link up again with them later in the year for the Clementine Rose tour.

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